Whether it’s a house, condo, or apartment, your home is your haven. It’s where memories are made, children are raised, and families come together.


  • Home

    Purchasing a home is probably the largest investment you’ll ever make. That’s why it’s important to protect your home from the unexpected events life throws your way.

    Instead of the one-size-fits-all policy that some carriers have, Germania offers the flexibility to customize a policy to fit your individual needs.

  • Condo & Townhouse

    Give yourself peace of mind by insuring your condo or townhome from unplanned disasters.

    We offer condo owners protection for the interior of your unit from covered losses such as fire, smoke, and theft. If you own the exterior and interior of the unit, as well as the patio, balconies, and any outdoor areas, we offer different levels of protection from covered losses.

    We also offer liability insurance to protect you from legal fees, investigative costs, and damage awards up to the policy limits if you’re found legally liable for an incident on or off your property.

  • Renters

    Just because you don’t own your home doesn’t mean it’s not filled with valuable items that you want to protect.

    Your landlord’s insurance won’t protect your personal belongings from damage or theft. Renter’s insurance covers your belongings - from clothing and electronics to furniture and appliances. Our policies include additional living expense coverage in case your rental is uninhabitable due to a covered loss.

  • Rural Property Insurance

    Rural property - If you own a small rural home on acreage, a small farm or ranch with a few livestock, or a barndominium, we can help you protect your investment. Regardless of the size of your property or how you use the land, we can help customize the policy to fit your needs.

    Farm Equipment – A general rule of thumb: Tractors and other farm equipment and outbuildings like barns, storage sheds, or maintenance buildings typically require separate converge.

    At Germania, we offer affordable coverage on farm equipment such as tractors, combines, shredders, plows, hay balers, cotton strippers, hay cutters, farm trailers and module builders. We also insure farm tools, farm implements, farm utility vehicles, and can provide coverage for harvested field products, livestock, hay, and poultry.

    While on your property or temporarily anywhere in the Continental US, coverage on your farm equip includes fire, theft, collision, overturn and upset, and glass breakage. We have multiple coverage options available and can help you find the perfect policy.

  • Tenant-Occupied

    Being a landlord comes with a lot of responsibilities, one of which is making sure you have the proper insurance coverage for your tenant-occupied properties.

    You’ve got a lot invested in your rental property; not just your money, but your time. Since ordinary condo unit owners or a homeowners policy won’t cover you, you’ll want to consider this specific protection.

    Germania’s insurance policies are tailored to protect your valuable property, shield you from liability claims, and even provide lost rental income if your property is too damaged to rent due to a covered loss.

  • Boat Insurance

    Boats and personal watercraft are big purchases, but if you love being on the water, you know they’re worth it.

    Insure your boat against damage and loss caused by risks like storms, sinking, theft, fire or collision. Whether you own a fishing boat, sailboat, pontoon boat, ski-surf boat, or other types of recreational watercraft, our policy has coverage options to fit your needs.

    Examples of what Boat and Watercraft Insurance covers:

    • Physical damage to the boat and its hull
    • Boat motor(s)
    • Described boat equipment
    • Boat trailer (upon request)
    • Liability coverage for injuries or property damage caused by individuals operating the boat
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance

    You’ve worked hard for what you have. Don’t let it be taken away.

    Lawsuits can happen when you least expect them. If you are sued for an accident or injury to others, your current coverage may not be enough. Germania’s Umbrella policy can protect you, your family, and your assets from the unexpected.

    You might be thinking, “I have auto and property insurance that covers some of these situations.” True! An Umbrella policy is an extra layer of liability insurance that provides additional coverage for losses beyond the limits of your personal, liability, farm, auto, boat, and recreational vehicle policies.

  • Farm Liability

    A Germania Farm Liability policy will protect your assets from claims that result from bodily injury and property damage to others. It will also pay Attorney’s fees and other legal expenses incurred in your defense.

    Examples of what Farm Liability Policies cover:

    • Policy extends coverage worldwide
    • Livestock showing
    • Custom Farming. If you conduct custom farming operations for others, contact your Germania agent to discuss coverage options.
    • Selling your farm produce from a roadside stand on your farm property. Talk to your agent about coverage options for sales conducted off your farm premises.
    • Renting or leasing your property to others for recreational activities, including hunting or fishing. Contact your Germania agent to discuss covering this exposure by adding the Recreational Land Use endorsement to your policy.

Save money 

Germania is committed to providing the best insurance coverage for less. Ask your agent if you qualify for one or more of our money-saving discounts:

  • Companion Policy Discount: 15%
  • Claims Free Discount: Up to 10%
  • Alarm Credits