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Casualty Claims FAQ's

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Reporting A Claim


Auto Glass

Chips and cracks on your windshield and windows can become unsafe if not repaired promptly. As a Germania auto policyholder, you benefit from our pain-free and easy auto glass repair and replacement services.

There’s no need to delay reporting your auto glass claim in fear you won’t have time for a hassle; the moment you notice damage to your auto’s glass, just give us a call or report your claim online via Safelite’s simple claims process for Germania policyholders… and we will facilitate the rest!

If you’re ready, use the button to the right (or call Germania Glass Service at 888-246-6432) to begin your auto glass claim.

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In the aftermath of an auto accident, there can be confusion, trauma, and often a long road to recovery. That’s why we treat each auto claim with care, respect, and discretion.

Please don’t wait to file your claim if you were involved in an auto accident or auto-related event as any delays might result in the loss of critical information and details. We’re here to help you work through the claim-filing and recovery process and provide support in the capacity you need, from filling out paperwork to questions about what to do next.

If you’re ready, use the button to the right (or call us directly) to begin your auto claim.

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  • Germania Auto Claims FAQs:


We know our policyholders take pride in their homes and properties and that responsible ownership is why we are pleased to provide a property policy for Germania policyholders.

You’ll find our property claims process is swift and hassle-free, especially as we respond promptly whenever you need assistance. Along with helping you make the claim, we also provide coverage for additional living expenses (food, temporary housing and animal boarding).

Property damage is, to say-in-the-least, a frustrating event, however the aftermath will be much simpler and worry-free when you’ve got our Germania team providing assistance and support.

If you’re ready, use the button to the right (or call us directly) to begin your property claim.

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  • Germania Property Claims FAQs:


We don’t expect an accident around every corner, but we know they may happen and injury or damage might follow - that’s why we offer comprehensive liability insurance to provide protection and enable peace-of-mind for our policyholders.

From little mishaps to serious accidents, we will stand by you and provide assistance and support throughout the claim process. We will always treat you with respect and discretion throughout, making sure you have everything you need for a successful claims experience and for moving forward from the unfortunate event.

When you’re ready, use the button to the right (or call us directly) to begin your liability claim.

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Roadside Assistance

We’ve all been there - driving down a lonely stretch of road and a tire goes flat; stressing while eyeing the fuel gauge indicator drop into the red and hoping for a gas station around the next bend; we’ve even experienced the frustration that comes when the GPS device batteries run out and all sense of direction is lost. We know the frustration and anxiety that comes with these scenarios and that’s why we offer comprehensive Roadside Assistance services to our policyholders.

When something goes wrong on the road, we are the friend you call. From complete breakdowns or lockout service to just a quick ask for directions, Germania Roadside Assistance provides drivers with a reliable safety net - and peace of mind.

If you need Roadside Assistance, please call us directly and we’ll be happy to lend you a hand!

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Germania Roadside Assistance FAQs

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Roadside Assistance

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