Will my Germania Life policy become invalidated if I receive the COVID-19 vaccination?
No, receiving the COVID-19 vaccine will not invalidate or change your existing policy.

Will I be denied my current Germania Life policy coverage if there is a death?
All life insurance claims are contestable for two years after they are issued. If someone dies from COVID-19, standard procedures are applied to the claim.

Will a death caused directly or indirectly due to COVID-19 or the vaccine invalidate my Germania Life policy?
No, it will not. Standard claim procedures would still apply to the claim.

Will the COVID-19 vaccine affect my chances for obtaining coverage?
No, the COVID-19 vaccine will not affect an individual's chances of obtaining life insurance coverage whether the vaccine is taken or not taken.

Can I be denied coverage if I currently have COVID-19?
If you currently have COVID-19 underwriters would wait until the condition is resolved or the residual effects are known before completing the underwriting process. A Statement of Good Health is required at the end of the underwriting process before issuance on all life insurance applications regardless of COVID-19 status at the time of application.

Will I be denied coverage if I have been previously exposed or hospitalized for COVID-19?
Issuing a life insurance policy considers the entire health history of the person applying. A single COVID-19 hospitalization or exposure to COVID-19 is not an automatic decline. The effects of COVID-19 would be taken into consideration once you are recovered from the virus. Our underwriting requirements have not changed.

Do I need proof of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine before obtaining coverage through Germania Life?
No, you do not need proof of a COVID-19 vaccination.

Do I need to submit proof of my COVID-19 vaccination to Germania Life if I have a current policy?
No, you do not need to submit proof of your COVID-19 vaccination.


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