Germania recently launched a pilot program, SafeScore™, with a select group of agents. SafeScore™ provides policyholders with ongoing feedback about how they drive and helps them become safer, smarter drivers. Policyholders also earn gift cards for their safe driving behavior.

Driving data is collected through Germania’s SafeScore™ app and a device called a tag that adheres to the vehicle’s windshield. The SafeScore™ app provides information about each trip, including maps, phone usage and tips to improve driving behavior.

“Our goal is to engage our policyholders to think about their driving behavior and not just drive out of habit. Through regular contact with the app, push notifications and e-mails, we want to make safe driving fun and rewarding,” said Director of Actuarial Kelleen Arquette.

Craig Sanders, Local Chapter 80, is one of the agents using SafeScore™ and recruiting policyholders for the pilot. “Overall, my experience with this has been great. It definitely keeps me thinking of how I’m driving and of how I can improve,” Sanders said.

SafeScoreTM is about encouraging good behavior, not penalizing those with less than stellar driving habits.

“Our goal is to reward safe-driving behavior,” said Rose Stein, who handles the daily operations of SafeScore™. “Those in the SafeScore™ program with poor driving habits will not be penalized. They will, however, have an excellent tool for identifying risky habits, including cell phone use while driving.”

Are you interesting in participating in the SafeScore™ pilot?  You can learn more by watching the SafeScore™ video at  www.GermaniaInsurance/SafeScore.

Participants must be insured by Germania and own a compatible smartphone. To enroll, contact us at or call Rose Stein at 979-277-7029. The pilot is limited to 300 vehicles.