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Germania to give back nearly $6 million to personal auto policyholders

by Germania Insurance | Apr 08, 2020

Across the state, Texans are doing their part to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) by staying home and off the roads. 

Given this decline in driving habits, which has resulted in fewer auto accidents, Germania Insurance is announcing its Reduced Driving Payback of nearly $6 million in credits for personal auto insurance policyholders. 

"At Germania, we are committed to providing fair and honest service to our policyholders no matter the circumstances," Germania President and CEO Paul Ehlert said. "The Reduced Driving Payback is our way of showing our support for your dedication to keeping you and your community safe during this challenging time." 

A payment of $25 will be provided for each personal auto policy that was in effect as of March 31, 2020, and an additional $25 payment will be provided for each personal auto policy that is effective as of April 30, 2020. Payments are subject to regulatory approval. 

Germania will automatically deposit the $25 credit to the account of each eligible policy, reducing the current balance due. For accounts paid in full, a refund check will be issued and mailed. This process will begin later this month and will be repeated in May. 

The payment process will be automatic, and no action is required by Germania policyholders to receive these credits. 

In addition to the Reduced Driving Payback, Germania is waiving installment fees for all customers. Germania has also modified its claims process to accommodate the growing number of vehicles being utilized for delivery purposes. Both of these changes will be implemented through the end of May. 

Germania is continuing to work with policyholders facing financial challenges during this time to modify payment plans as needed. Please call 1-800-392-2202, ext. 4811, or email for assistance.