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The bluebonnet fields are beginning to bloom again in Texas! It’s time for people from all over to come out, take family photos and celebrate country living. Why go to just one of the gorgeous towns on the bluebonnet tour when there are so many to see? Whether you’re traveling though Texas, or just interested in experiencing the picturesque scenery, here is a glimpse into a few of our favorite stops on a Texas roadmap that you won’t soon forget.


Photo by Sally Tudor

Located just outside of Llano, the quaint town of Kingsland isn’t accustomed to a lot of visitors — making it a great choice for the bluebonnet tour. Explore Kingsland’s many bluebonnet hot spots, including abandoned machinery and railroad tracks that have been taken over by the bluebonnets.


Marble Falls

Photo by Rob Greebon Photography

Marble Falls has incredibly gorgeous scenery, including lakes, hills and rivers. Visit Marble Falls to explore the town and watch as the brilliant bluebonnets grow and coat it. Plus, it’s right next to Kingsland and Burnet, which creates a great trio of places if you’re short on time.


Photo by Jason Weingart Photography

The city of Burnet is officially recognized by the Texas legislature as the “Bluebonnet Capital of Texas”. Not only are the bluebonnets strewn across the hills and pastures, but Burnet also has a large bluebonnet festival during the second weekend of April. 300,000 people attend every year, making it a destination worth visiting.


Photo by GuppyStorm Photography

If you need a rest stop, Brenham is it. Brenham has a number of places to stay, places to eat and endless fields that are filled with bluebonnets. In addition to having photo opportunities, it also has a number of safe places to park. This isn’t always true when chasing photo ops, so definitely take advantage.


Photo by Ennis Champer of Commerce

The Ennis Garden Club usually starts its pursuit of bluebonnets in April, sharing the flower growth information with the Ennis Convention Center. Consider making this one of your major stops as the entire town loves bluebonnets and celebrates their mapped, driving bluebonnet trails.


Bluebonnet Safety Precautions

Many of the areas you will travel to in pursuit of bluebonnets can be very rural. Always follow safety precautions and be careful when leaving the road. Find a safe place to park and obey any posted signs. DO NOT trespass on private property unless you know the owner. Take a travel buddy with you, or make sure someone knows where you’re traveling. And remember, as tempting as it may be, don’t pick the wildflowers. Only take photos!

Bluebonnets are one of the most exciting, beautiful and scenic experiences of spring in Texas. You can become a part of this incredible tradition by planning your road trip today!