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Make Sure Your Roof Age is Accurate at Renewal

Hail and windstorms have plagued Texas for years and as a result insurance companies raised rates to cope with the adverse losses. In addition to rate increases, many carriers have implemented additional strategies to lessen the impact of weather losses including ACV roof endorsements, increased inspections and . . . read more

Hot Wheels - Avoid summertime vehicle theft

TBList As if our brutal heat isn’t bad enough, it turns out Texas’s summer months are also the hottest months for auto thefts, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. To add insult to injury, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles reports that almost half of all stolen vehicles had the keys left inside - a no- brainer invitation for would- be thieves who look for easy prey and quick in-and- out opportunities.

Be cool by following these tips designed to prevent thieves from turning your vehicle into a hot car destined for the chop more

Update on Premium Return Envelopes Postal Issue

We’ve been able to resolve the premium return envelope issue with the United States Postal Service. We understand that this was an isolated incident that affected a limited number of envelopes. If this issue has happened to you, please call your Germania agent or the Germania Home Office at 1-800-392-2202. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.

Hurricane Season Starts June 1st.

Are you ready? Hurricane season starts June 1. If you are not ready, you still have time to prepare. While the National Weather Center is predicting a relatively quiet hurricane season this year, you still need to make a plan for you and your family.

When planning for your family you’ll need to consider:

  • Building a hurricane supplies kit.
  • Identifying the best evacuation route.
  • Taking inventory of your personal belongs using Germania’s Home Inventory Checklist brochure. Keep the brochure is a safe, separate location.
  • Packing medicines and key medical information.
  • Bringing food and/or medication for your pets.
  • Creating a Family Emergency Contact Plan. Should you evacuate know the best way to contact family should you need to.
  • Purchasing a cell phone powerbank and keep it fully charged at all times.
  • Programming phone numbers into your cell phone including emergency contact numbers.

By knowing this information you and your family will be better prepared should a storm impact your area. And, when you use Germania’s Home Inventory Checklist brochure, it could speed up the claims process. The checklist is a simple tool you may never need, and an invaluable one when catastrophe does strike.

To find out more information about hurricane preparedness click on the “Be Prepared”

Home Inventory Checklist

As hurricane season quickly approaches, it’s time to ask yourself if you and your family are prepared. If you’re not ready, you still have time to make a plan.

Should a hurricane cause damage to your property and its contents, will you be able to identify everything you own and list its value? Knowing this information, and having it documented, could speed the claims process and could get you back on your feet faster.

Germania’s Home Inventory Checklist brochure is the easiest way to inventory and track the value of your possessions. Download a copy today and take the time to document your belongings before hurricane season begins.

The checklist is a simple tool you may never need, and an invaluable one when a catastrophe does strike.

Be prepared. It could happen to you.